Thursday, 18 September 2014

Scotland's liberal backers

I was not going to say anything, but too many so called left-Wing liberals are declaring Scotland's potential yes vote as a victory for the left and it's driving me crazy! In what way is a political movement based on nationalism left wing? It has become an us and them debate - based on anti English rhetoric in the name of Westminster, run by a man who longs for power and to write his name in history books as the man who 'liberated' Scotland. Channel 4 putting on brave heart, a famously anti English film was a final slap in the face. Further more an irony is steeped in the fact that if Scotland splits on the back of a fierce nationalistic drive is that the right wing conservatives will have fewer opposition seats and therefore be almost guaranteed to win the elections.... as Scotland has a large number of  left wing voters. Yes a true victory for the liberal lefties. surely they should be promoting co-operation, not separation! countries should want to unite and work together... when a neighbour has troubles we run away now do we, not help? people need to stop comparing it as well to other countries problems such as Belgian, italy and Spain with Barcelona. These are different things in different countries with different circumstances... I could sit here and compare nationalism to nazism (national socialism) but I won't as it's crude and untrue here.... but this one size fits all policy of labelling everything the same is bollocks. Finally I want to say that all this fucking referendum has done is served to divide and rip the people of Scotland apart.  if it's yes, thousands of unionists will flood south, and if no they nationalists will feel bitter and this divide will last a lifetime. on a lighter note it's going to fucking ruin the aesthetic beauty of the flag.... with blue taken out it's going to look a bit... red and white.

on the last note I just hope that Scotland says, for the sake of the lovely blue on the flag and liberalism... if not we will miss you greatly and when we are splitting our CD collection and fighting over the kids just know you've given us so much culturally and thanks for being there.