Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Want to Learn English for Free

Hey guys,

How are you all? I have a new channel on YouTube where I'm teaching English. There's a new video every Thursday and you can head there with this link:

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Help with English...

As most people know, I am an English teacher and while I do it for a job, I also think there should be a lot of free help and advice online. Things like articles and videos, and to be honest there are many, but some people can't find them. I set up my website a while back to link people with resources and helpful advice.

Please visit my website at

I have also set up a group on Facebook for people to share their experiences and help with many different people. Please join and help others with their learning. Thank you so much, Roy

Facebook Online Meet-up group

Sunday, 6 December 2015

If there are no guns....

After the recent spate of shootings in the news in the US, one thing struck me....

If there were no guns, there would be no gun crime.

Now this has obviously escaped the attention of many politicians... but look, I'll put it in an easy equation,...

Guns = Possible Gun Crimes


No Guns = No Possible Shooting

and look if we remove the word gun it looks like this

= no possible shootings...

Bananas would make life so much better than guns, think you can still go all Mario Kart and make people slip up... food for thought I think...

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Please help me...

I'm working on a novel and I'd appreciate help in two ways... number one... like the Facebook page: click here

And number 2, if you're anywhere near please bring me some coffee cause I'm dying haha

About the book :

Tainted is a novel set around the lives of several characters in the wake of an apocalyptic event living, or surviving, on the east coast of the former USA. Trapped behind walls of fire to keep out the outsiders, the infected and the ghouls, those tainted by the virus are forced to live like second class citizens while the pure breed for the continuation of humanity. The virus causes what can only be described as mind convergence leaving the infected going slowly more and more insane, until the point of death, but this is not the end of the infected, driven with a desire to spread the virus, the dead don't always stay dead... these however, could be the lucky ones as those uninfected are forced to breed in a world where women's rights are a thing of the past. The story starts with Dr Harold Carver, a tainted from England, who helps the pure women to come to terms with their fate; with their selected partner and teaches them how to live in an unjust world, but Dr Carver's life is about to change forever.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A group of images that sums up life!

Check out this link for a series of great images about everything that's wrong with modern life..

Everything wrong with modern society

I particularly liked this one:

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Writing a novel... My god!

Hi there,

It's been a while! I've been working on my novel and I'm pleased to say it's halfway through... seems I might be competing with Tolkein for length of novel at this rate.

It's been one of the strangest experiences, because it's amazing to put your thoughts on to the paper, but you also find yourself cut off from the world... Anyway I was going to ask for your help. I am going to be running a lot of competitions over the coming months (like for free copies (when it's finished in May) and even to get a character named after you etc.) So I was hoping that you could help me and like the page. It will keep you up to date and also encourage me to write more! Thanks everyone in advance.

Finally i think my book is halfway there... wo oh... living on a prayer (actually coffee)
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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Scotland's liberal backers

I was not going to say anything, but too many so called left-Wing liberals are declaring Scotland's potential yes vote as a victory for the left and it's driving me crazy! In what way is a political movement based on nationalism left wing? It has become an us and them debate - based on anti English rhetoric in the name of Westminster, run by a man who longs for power and to write his name in history books as the man who 'liberated' Scotland. Channel 4 putting on brave heart, a famously anti English film was a final slap in the face. Further more an irony is steeped in the fact that if Scotland splits on the back of a fierce nationalistic drive is that the right wing conservatives will have fewer opposition seats and therefore be almost guaranteed to win the elections.... as Scotland has a large number of  left wing voters. Yes a true victory for the liberal lefties. surely they should be promoting co-operation, not separation! countries should want to unite and work together... when a neighbour has troubles we run away now do we, not help? people need to stop comparing it as well to other countries problems such as Belgian, italy and Spain with Barcelona. These are different things in different countries with different circumstances... I could sit here and compare nationalism to nazism (national socialism) but I won't as it's crude and untrue here.... but this one size fits all policy of labelling everything the same is bollocks. Finally I want to say that all this fucking referendum has done is served to divide and rip the people of Scotland apart.  if it's yes, thousands of unionists will flood south, and if no they nationalists will feel bitter and this divide will last a lifetime. on a lighter note it's going to fucking ruin the aesthetic beauty of the flag.... with blue taken out it's going to look a bit... red and white.

on the last note I just hope that Scotland says, for the sake of the lovely blue on the flag and liberalism... if not we will miss you greatly and when we are splitting our CD collection and fighting over the kids just know you've given us so much culturally and thanks for being there.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The power of a pause

In a somewhat 'Anchorman' like way this news reporter seemingly reads his auto-cue without a necessary pause, completely changing the meaning of his introduction. Did they forget to write a comma on what he was reading or it this man just letting us in on a bit more information about his life than we were expecting. Nevertheless the slip highlights two important points;

1) The power of a pause in the English language when speaking can change everything...
2) The question: 'Do all news anchors all read exactly what is written on the tele-prompter, no questions asked?' 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pictures that show you all that's wrong with the world

So I came across a site with 29 pictures that show you what's wrong with the world and I wanted to share them with you all... I hope you love them as much as I did. They are all incredible images and to the right you can see of my favourites...

Please check them out following the link below and write on the posts below which inspired you the most!

Click here to see all 29

Friday, 27 June 2014

Live your life like you're going to die

Please, watch this video and comment below... 

Work work work work work... it's what we were born to do... to be a slave to a system created by those who don't want to work as hard as us... 

but the most liberating idea is that we will die... and living longer is not cheating death.. it's merely not living fully in the time that we have... 

If the video doesn't show up follow this link...

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Public Hospitals in Brazil

The other night I experienced the most shocking moments of my life.

I am currently on holiday in Brazil with my girlfriend, seeing the sights and hitting the beach, soaking up the sun and eating as much food as is possible before I head back to delights of the UK. Three days ago we went on a tour into the Atlantic forest of Brazil, containing jungles and filled with dangerous snakes like the corral, spiders and jaguars, panthers and other creatures you don’t normally see on your average daily commute in London. Towards the end of the trip we went to visit a waterfall known locally as Paraiso (Paradise) falls. It was a paradise and I went for a swim in the lagoon beneath. It was stunning, the only problem was the mosquitoes… I can only say that I was bitten to shit, I and my girlfriend looked a little like we had been to war with these creatures and I am itching now as I write this.

Itching is an issue, but the major problem that my girlfriend had underplayed just how allergic she was to these bites. To give you an example of how aggressive these things are I felt one bite me and it felt like a needle going into my arm and when I swatted it off, the wound gushed with blood.

We returned to the house where we were staying and ate dinner. My girlfriend’s bites were less, but now much larger than mine yet looked like nothing serious at this point. We went to bed and I slept like a baby while she, however, did not.

She woke me a few times complaining of feeling ill and suffering from a fever, but when I touched her she felt normal. After an hour or so at 4.30 she said to me “Help me, I’m dying” I touched her forehead and she was burning up. We went to the living room and looked for a local hospital (she has private medical care here in Brazil) but found that in the local areas there were only public, free hospitals. With experience of the NHS I thought that it couldn’t be that bad. There are two types of hospital in Brazil, Private (UPS) and Public, much like the UK.  We caught a taxi and she was admitted at 5 am in the morning.

On arrival it looked like any standard hospital. She saw a woman who looked like a nurse who took her blood pressure which was critically low. (80/50!) My girlfriend was unresponsive and couldn’t speak or stand and could only lie down as the allergic reaction took hold of her. She saw a doctor (which later I found was a fucking miracle to actually be seen by a doctor) who sent her round to back sounding like he was almost doing her a favour.

We went to a room with 6 chairs, 3 each side facing other, all filthy. My girlfriend was sweating with fever while the rest of her body was freezing and sat opposite a woman covered in her own vomit. The room stank of shit and vomit and there was dry blood on one of the chairs.  There were two women in the room who looked like nurses, yet later I found out they were ‘technicians’ or orderlies as we call them in the UK.

My girlfriend was whiter than a sheet of A4 paper, her lips were white and her hand was freezing and couldn’t grip mine. I sat there wanting to cry, I knew I had to be strong but seeing the person you love, slipping further and further away into lifelessness. She later admitted she too thought she was going to die. The orderly then took an IV and inserted it into her arm, but too my horror she did not drain it and the long tube was full of air. I have seen enough medical dramas to know that you shouldn’t put too much air into the bloodstream and I shouted in Portuguese for her to drain it, release the air, which the woman promptly did and got rid of most of the air and then re-inserted the tube. She then started the first of three drips going in to her arm and I watched in horror as some air bubbles entered her system. I noticed it was only hydrocortisone to rehydrate her and she slipped further and further. I even started praying at this point. The second drip started about 20 minutes later with no sign of improvement, now we were onto our 4th new person in the room, all of the previous signing off and the girl opposite had left 5 minutes before, yet her vomit bin still remained.

My girlfriend asked for some bread and I dutifully fetched some from local kiosk and fed it to her piece by piece as she was too weak to hold the bread or take bites. The second drip finished at 6.30 in the morning and my girlfriend showed no sign of improvement. She then asked for a bin and was given a new bin covered in blood. I think the food started to take effect and did as much good as the drips had. She started her third drip and this had some anti-allergy solution put into it (A second miracle). The room at this point was full and stank of sweat and other bodily products. The old woman next to my girlfriend turned to her and said “If you can go somewhere better, go, because my son died here 15 days ago from being misdiagnosed”

My girlfriend started to look better, and started saying to me she wanted to leave. Then to my horror the orderlies said something I have still got a hard time believing “There are no doctors or nurses here, what are we meant to do”. My girlfriend then heard them say they were preparing an injection of something that would lower her blood pressure further. Now I am not a doctor and neither were they, but to lower someone’s blood pressure which is already critically low is not a good idea, right?

I picked her up and we walked out, escaping at 8 in the morning, the vomit bucket still in the room, that had just been moved by someone with no glove on.
I have never seen anything like that before…

So to summarise. I went to a hospital with:
·         * barely any medicine
·         * no doctors
·         * no nurses
·         * blood stained chairs and a high mortality rate.
·         * 6 changes of staff in three hours and they only passed on instructions verbally as they couldn’t        write it down
·       * No machines, not even the ability to do blood tests
·        *  And no-one to check where I was taking a patient

So why do I write this… they tried to pass a law to make up public servants use public hospitals… but the law wasn’t passed… when Dilma and Lula had cancer.. where did they go? Private care, and who can blame them? They wanted to live! I can’t blame the hospital or the staff, they were doing their best with untrained staff and no equipment, so I must rest this one with the government

So the World Cup… imagine this, a football fan has too much to drink and collapses with dehydration… where do they go? Be very very fucking careful….I fear the number of people being admitted to hospital along with the numbers of those successfully treated.

So my advice:

11)      Buy the very best travel insurance or health care you can
22)      Always check there is a private hospital nearby
33)      Do not put yourself in any danger through your own actions ie excessive drinking
44)      Never ever criticize the NHS… it might be a bit ropey… but they have doctors.

Oh and to let you know… my girlfriend went the next day to a private hospital and was given treatments galore and now looks to be on the mend! If you're coming... good luck :)