Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Please help me...

I'm working on a novel and I'd appreciate help in two ways... number one... like the Facebook page: click here

And number 2, if you're anywhere near please bring me some coffee cause I'm dying haha

About the book :

Tainted is a novel set around the lives of several characters in the wake of an apocalyptic event living, or surviving, on the east coast of the former USA. Trapped behind walls of fire to keep out the outsiders, the infected and the ghouls, those tainted by the virus are forced to live like second class citizens while the pure breed for the continuation of humanity. The virus causes what can only be described as mind convergence leaving the infected going slowly more and more insane, until the point of death, but this is not the end of the infected, driven with a desire to spread the virus, the dead don't always stay dead... these however, could be the lucky ones as those uninfected are forced to breed in a world where women's rights are a thing of the past. The story starts with Dr Harold Carver, a tainted from England, who helps the pure women to come to terms with their fate; with their selected partner and teaches them how to live in an unjust world, but Dr Carver's life is about to change forever.

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