Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Greatest Worst Film Never Made

I have decided to embark on a plan. After spending several hours watching classic films "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" and it's even greater sequel where the Mega Shark returns to take on a prehistoric Crocosaurus, and being inspired by the people who break from the 9-5 I have decided to embark upon my own project!

I want to make a film so bad it's awesome. A monster movie of totally un-epic proportions. I am going to take this project as far as it can possibly go and see where it takes me. When watching the great vs films mentioned above and other classics such as "Sharktopus" people are often faced with the inevitable question - are you a deliberate comedy, or just plain crap. I see the former and cause it takes itself oh so seriously hits an new level of post-ironic post-modern post-comedy comedy.

While I maintain no delusions of grandeur to ever hit the dizzy heights of so many levels genius I instead find myself inclined towards the world of Pastiche and Parody. I will make a parody of the classics and reference these movies that have in my eyes replaced the straight to DVD collection that came from Van Damme and Seagal, with deliberately bad acting, special effects and a B-movie that is so bad, it should become a C-movie.

For the record I would like to clarify that I am deadly serious in the desire to create this piece of history (I replaced the word shit) and only death or a return to sanity will stop me.

Therefore I dedicate this blog to the creation of the greatest worst film never made -


The facebook page is now up and running so please 'like it' and spread the word of this abomination.

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