Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hasta la Victoria Siempre TFL

As I approached the entrance to Northfields Tube Station yesterday snarling like an aggrieved Jack Russel who had just had his bone stolen from him I never expected that three minutes later my entire world would change. The tube strike was yet again bringing the commuting world to a halt in an even more biblical fashion than the Red Sea and unfortunalty there was no Moses to be found.

The list of stations closed by the strike spanned two pages of the LCD screen and I frantically scanned the monitor to see if there was any chance of getting to work on time. Then it hit me. I started to laugh! I made a few jokes with the TFL worker. It's as if I heard the prophet Bill Hicks "It's just a ride" speech booming over the tannoys. I am an actor, a writer and wannabee philanthropist. In this moment I had what an alcoholic would declare a moment of clarity. In what way is being late for work (that means nothing) a bad thing? I have been grumbling about life for far too long and hateful of the 'TFL mafia" when all along they were trying to save us.

If the truth be told I couldn't see a hell of a lot of difference between the strikes and 'normal service' as my pilgrimage to work seemed to drag on forever. However one thing was different. I enjoyed my journey. A good friend once said to me...

"You can only deny who you are and pretend to be someone else for so long"

Do you think when God, or Stephen Hawkings depending on your belief structure, created us they imagined a world where we would sit in misery in offices around the world working for a white picket fence? This country, this world needs a revolution but before that can start I need to grow a really good beard. When was he last time you saw a clean shaven revolutionary?

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  1. Yes I believe Stephen Hawking 'created me' it's only religious freaks and the dead that don't. But you are right why stress about being late to job you don't f*cking like?
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