Saturday, 3 December 2011

My Tram Experience

We all saw it... the YouTube upload by a guy/girl who secretly recorded some foul mouth racist bitches rant towards minorities in Britain... how she feels that 'Great' Britain should, as Chris Morris once suggested, have the great removed from it's name...

I watched that video and three things hit me.. number 1 - that poor fucking kid! Please will someone come in and take him away before he too sits on a tube and makes a similar rant (and how he better hope he too has a child in the form of a human shied)

The second point I thought was why the fuck didn't someone smack her! Everyone seemingly wanted to, the woman at the start who 'came to do her job cause she didn't want to' (probably not far from the truth), the second 'English' woman and the guy behind looked a little more than peeved. The only thing from this that can be taken as a positive was the powerful embrace behind the pin-up girl for Combat 18 which sees an inter-racial couple hug.

The third point is where the fuck did her opinions come from? This woman could barely fucking string a sentence together. Her lack of geographical knowledge would have made Jade Goody look well-traveled. The foul mouth bitch told the woman to fuck off back to 'Ni$$er-Africa" and I was left thinking was she just trying to be racist or so fucking thick that she couldn't think of a country, aimed for Nigeria and gave up... Unfortunately I think it is the former. I made a joke the other day that Dostoevsky once said "The level of society can be judged on it's racist pricks on a tram" (He sort of said that). But this is far more serious... 

People have asked me... was she drunk, on drugs? Who gives a shit!... it was obviously on her mind anyway.  But why? 

If people, including the government keep highlighting immigration as the main cause of the financial and economic worries that this country are facing then people will react. When you made public sector and benefit cuts... the people reacted in the form of riots.. when you tell them their very lives and ways of living are threatened by people coming to this country then you start to see a reaction. 

When I saw that video, I was ashamed. I was ashamed even though I have no similar feelings. But if you tell people something then they will start to believe it and I fear many more will start to believe this shit if they keep being told this... I would usually post the link to the video but I am too appalled to put this on my site. If you really want to see this bile then visit Youtube and type in My Tram Experience but before you watch this foul bile please know that not everyone feels this way... 

Written by @roywoodhouse
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