Monday, 1 October 2012

Twitter - Griffin-style

I have a love/hate relationship with twitter... on one hand it's great way for great, interesting and funny people  to share 140 characters and letters with other people in the hope of attracting other peoples attention to legally stalk them... in fact of all stalking techniques twitter is the greatest... so if you fancy stalking me - @RoyWoodhouse

On the other hand is a way for less great people to also share their views in 140 characters... step forward Nick Griffin. (for anyone who doesn't know he is the leader of the British National Party - which is a right wing party in Britain that promotes anti-immigration and has 'in the past' supported white nationalism and tend to be anti-Islam) In other words the BNP seemingly stands for everything that Citizen Wombat opposes.

It's not to be said the party is in itself racist... as has often been denied by Griffin (I usually put a Mr in front but I thought I'd miss it out this time), it's just ironically it seems to attract white skinheads who have a tendency to fear anything other than what they know and have put the word Islamaphobia in the English dictionary - oh and I hate this fucking diagram with the brains showing White, Black and Asian brains all the same size and a tiny racist brain... The reason I hate this is cause racists aren't going to get the metaphor - and it's not the truth - they just don't use their brains as well as the rest of us... so I think the advert should read more like "Racists are retarded and/or cunts" (I was going to put an asterix in cunt, but then I didn't want anyone to take that wrong)

Back to Griffin. The other day he decided to turn up in Northern Ireland during the Unionist Parade (called the Orange Men) who are pro-Great Britain. Now what a truly amazing man to turn up and add his weight to this rather volatile situation - which in this case is a little bit like throwing a very fat tank of fuel onto a bonfire next to a petrol station in the middle of the Kuwait oil fields... so thanks for going to that! He did say "Obviously there was no connection between the British National Party and the organisers of the parade, I was there as a member of the public." which to me sounds like no-one fucking wanted him there...
On another level he said "I had one long ten-minute discussion with an Orangeman who didn't agree with me. We had a good discussion and we shook hands at the end of it," which on another level says that while the other guy didn't agree with him the Northern Irishman was a polite man.

"Everybody else that I met either just said I had a right to be there or wanted photographs taken and autographs" was by far the highlight of my read of what he said ...  Look at the picture above - I don't think I'd recognise him in a crowd... let alone walk over to him and ask him for his autograph... we're not talking Brad Pitt or George Clooney here.. I'd struggle to pick the politician out, who is blind in one eye like a proper bond villain, in a line up of five men... which again shows me that either the Northern Irish have a fantastic knowledge of British politicians faces or this comment is full of shit.

Anyway I have gone off topic... cause the reason for this blog is that after receiving comments on twitter from a couple of Republicans (Pro-unified Ireland) about his lack of welcome in the Emerald Isle he decided to use the word Fenian to describe them. Fenian for anyone who doesn't know is a incredibly offensive term for a Catholic and should never be used, and if you do know it I hope you've never used it in an aggressive or abusive manner... if you have click the little x in the top right hand corner of this screen, never come back here and then promptly go fuck yourself.

Since calls of inspiring racial hatred have fallen on deaf ears I feel the need to say that to use a derogatory term to describe someone of a different faith or appearance to yourself is indeed racism and when you do it on a social media platform like twitter is it not inspiring others to feel the same?

Anyway he decides that upon a bit of pressure that he will not be taking his comments down, which is nice to know he sticks to his bile, and that he used the term Fenian just for these two people and not to describe Catholics in general.... so below I have the quick...

Nick Griffin Guide to Casual Racism

1) Find someone you don't like
2) Find a way to describe them in a derogatory way
3) Say you don't describe everyone in the same way and just use it for said target

cause for Griffin it isn't racism if you only use it selectively...

For anyone that thinks the same as this bile... please again look to the little x at the top right....

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