Thursday, 15 November 2012

Where has the wombat been?

For those of you wondering where all the posts and blogs have wandered off to, be not alarmed... I have been occupied on trying to help people...

I know... crazy right? In a time where money is tight and gives us an excuse to say 'charity begins at home' with a little more conviction, there are a lot of people trying to do something. By trade I am an English teacher so I gained a knowledge of grammar and my first language. I also saw how important it was to help people who are trying to learn. The English that is not spoken around the world contains many words from different languages and it is no longer the same language that left these shores in the time of colonialism. In fact, I believe in the future it will evolve even more, very quickly, into something barely recognizable to what we speak today. There are words like Shampoo (of Hindu origin), Potato (from Spanish) and Kindergarten (German) already firmly planted in the language. In fact it has roots from Latin (words like prefer and adore), Germanic (Hound and Land) with many other major contributors (Nordic adds many words, usually in the form of words beginning with kn, like knife).

This is only going to increase in the future, and it will serve to bring our broken world further together and allow is to communicate in a common language.

The one thing I noticed is that English relies heavily on idioms and phrases, in fact there are over 25,000 of them and that number grows everyday. Therefore, I decided to write a definition a day for many of idioms to help English language learners around the world. I also decided to include the origins of these phrases for people who already know them and wish to see where they came from.

I put all of the links to each article on this blog...
You can click on the 'help with english link' above or just paste the link below:

I hope you enjoy :)

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