Sunday, 14 July 2013

The party never dies... ish

So this weekend my friends and I wandered off for the weekend to Chatham-del-Sol in sunny Kent... possibly - not really sure where the hell it is to be honest... but it does have an island where they used to build nuclear submarines and now you can't plant root vegetables cause of the nuclear waste - which is exciting as there is a distinct possibility that the first wave of X-Men may now be living in a town south of London... or many people could be suffering radiation poisoning, which is not so exciting - so I prefer to live in the belief of X-Men.

That said we did go kayaking and then went for a little party... This video was inspired by my Spanish students who love that song that says 'I went to Spain', 'What the fuck' and 'La genta esta muy loca' and may I say the party never dies ... ish (its possibly time for me and my friends to be put out to graze... but I have no intention of going out gracefully - not when I've got these silky dance moves)

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