Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Los Angeles - City of Class ... and Angels #1

If and when I ever choose to have a tattoo I would definitely like to have mine done at a parlor called Prix... I particularly like how the have chosen to wave grammatical law and plow straight in with replacing the -cks with an X... it's almost as if Tupac (or 2Pac?) spoke from beyond the grave...

Now i'm pretty sure that pricks (or prix as the gangsters spell it these days) has the same double meaning in the States as it does over here in the UK... (if not, for the rest of us, it's a crude word for phallus or penis... possibly referring to being in an erect state...) so I would like to ask who in their right mind decided underneath the 'trendily' named Prix... they decided to adorn their neon sign with 'Parking in Rear'?

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