Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Conclusion of the Coffee Challenge

When I accepted the challenge from my student Marc of giving up coffee for 7 days I thought to myself there will not be a problem. That it would be rather simple and that I wouldn't really miss it... how wrong I was....

The first day of the challenge was a little boring and nothing really happened apart from a throbbing headache, which to be honest I thought could have been caused by something else. It pissed me off that Starbucks decided to give out some free tasters on the same day I'd vowed to give up, but I stayed strong and decided not to neglect my challenge in the same way they felt about paying taxes to the UK.

I even scored some Camomile tea left behind by another ex-student called Mabel, so that kind of substituted my need for a hot drink. I usually drink 8 or 9 cups a day between lessons so I found myself looking for things to do and wandering aimlessly in my breaks.

It was not until the second and third day that I started to feel the bad shit rising. As I sat there at work I found myself getting irritable, irate and pissed off for no reason. On the brightside I was no longer getting my daily bloodshot eyes and palpitations in my chest... so every cloud and all.

On thursday I fell asleep while chatting on Skype and woke 30 minutes later with the imprints of keys in my forehead. I have felt moody, exhausted and angry! To make matters worse I kept running into coffee such as the charming person who left 'free coffee for everyone' on a bag at work. Nice, but why this week?

I have found myself eating more chocolate, fast food and drinking more alcohol this week than in months... I had strange almost pregnant like cravings combined with the anger of Jack Nicholson..

Tomorrow I will kick the alcohol and go back to my coffee... but maybe only one cup a day... just so I never have to feel this shit again!

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