Monday, 18 October 2010

Fallout: London

Dear Bethesda,

I have come up with an idea I wish you to consider for your sequel to the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout: London will be set in modern London and the story will unveil a little something like this...

The survivor emerges from Vault 101 to discover the world outside his sanctuary. Our brave hero, as he likes to be known, will venture out into the post apocalyptic wasteland and soon come across a local convenience store where he will be extravagantly over charged for goods that seem a lot cheaper everywhere else.

To get to the store however provides the first game playing challenge as he will be accosted by a big issue seller who shouts at him in a strange tongue and tries to procure his limited supply of patience and money.

After ingesting the limited amount of food his bottle caps can afford, he makes his way down the wasteland streets towards the tube. Here the TFL (effectively wasteland mercenaries) will have failed to maintain the trains or the tracks and the heros' journey will be subject to severe delays.

It is here our hero must make several choices of the route he will take. After several bad twists and turns where seemingly logical paths don’t go in the same direction they imply on the map the traveller will return to his original tube. What ends up happening is the hero decides to make a simple phone call to inform his quest he will be late. However he fails to get any form of signal...

One hour later than he planned to arrive, his train will pull into the station and he will have to use all stamina and cunning to get to his destination before too much time passes. On his way to the journey point he must fight his way through hordes of mutants, beggars and zombies.

Eventually the traveller will have got through the wasteland and have made his way to work. Here he will spend the 8 hours of game time calling and ringing people down a phone trying to hit in game targets before the allocated time runs out. He will do this for a pathetic number of bottle caps and then the reality of the true game will dawn on the player. This is to be the rest of the experience until the hero either dies of natural causes or gets run over by some badly driven rickshaw in China Town.

Well Bethesda, I hope you like my game ideas. I understand including this 40 years of 'work' adds a horror element to your games but I think it will take the game to a whole new level of realism.

There will be the usual twists - the plot will reveal that London hasn't actually been subject to a nuclear apocalypse but just looks like that normally (this saves money as you can just image map the terrain and still give the wasteland look) and that if a nuclear war had occurred then the layer of pollution above the city 'saved' the ground below. It will also be unveiled that the water of the Thames is so dirty that even your Dad would have given up and no amount of poor biblical references could save the populace.

The typical enemies of TFL Mercs, Mutants and Drug Abusers will feature along with Big Issue sellers, tramps and bankers. Random attacks may occur with encounters with large rats, possessed pigeons and irradiated foxes. Some companions such as Dog Meat will return in the Battered-sea area, but he will be rabid this time and need to be destroyed.

I hope you like my ideas and I look forward to hearing from you... next up I will be calling Danny Boyle to congratulate him on his documentary 28 Days Later and inform him of my ideas to make the equally scary 28 Days Before.

Written by @roywoodhouse
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