Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ps: I don't love you...

Before I begin my rant may I just say that I have never, nor do intend to, watched this trite debacle of a film.
I have merely just read a surmmary of the film after being told 'it's the greatest film ever made' by one particular moron. Wow this must surpass even Star Wars and Fight Club I thought... I must watch this film, but before I did... solely so I wasn't too overawed I decided to check out the story...

Summary... Piece of Shit!

Does it not seem like the most selfish film idea ever? A man who sends 10 letters after his death to 'help' his ex-wife move on... yes cause nothing helps you forget about someone like a constant reminder of the love you had. If it was a real man he might as well have just written  "ps I your cooking sucked and remember that fart smell... on the tube on 21/01/09... yep that was me and not the old guy I pinpointed" through to "you better not be seeing anyone else yet cause if you are I will come back and haunt you and your mum... I never liked her but she made a move on me when you were in Thailand"... why not, I mean if you want to help someone move on you might as well make them think you're an asshole.

No man could ever have written this film! First you must imagine that if 'man-flu' can bring our worlds to a stand still then I have a feeling that a terminal illness might just prevent him from writing ten deeply emotional letters than taking the time to arrange the delivery over the course of time.Secondly it raises a very interesting question of how much unfair pressure does society put on women?

Rightly so women and men can both do anything they want with their lives but, read a copy of Stylist magazines' successful woman biography each month then you will soon see that you can only be a successful woman if you get up at the crack of dawn, run a multinational conglomerate and your husband who can barely remember your face is busy having an affair with his secretary. More so is the fact that they are told the perfect body (which is in fact a stick insect with a photoshopped head on it) is the only way to get the man of your dreams. Please will some of this models eat a cake and someone ask us what we really want to see cause I guarentee we all want something different...

Last but by no means least, films like this travesty remind women of the 'perfect man'. Women get far too much giref in this society and bi-proxy so do men. Quite simply he does not exist. One ex-girlfriend said to me that the man she was looking for was Intelligent, funny, creative, witty, artistic and always fun while at the same time he must be Mr 9-5, maybe an accountant, lawyer or something stable... This guy sounds amazing, hell even I'd date him!! Films like this set the benchmark far too high and leave women constantly dissappointed.

I can guarentee that most men are far more Gerard Houllier than Gerard Butler.

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