Thursday, 25 November 2010

What is the price of life?

There is nothing humane about human beings! We have always had two arms, two legs and two faces. The least human creation we have ever invented is work... what the fuck were we thinking?... you see, if you earn minimum wage in a modern British city and work 40 hours before tax and insurance you have almost 240 pounds. By the time you have paid your tax, you bills and your rent you are left with around £40. You work for a pound an hour. Work it out... have a look... you live to your means and what you're left with is pittance. If you're paid monthly at the start of the month you forget your bills and spend like you can afford to live. Feast at the start and famine at the end.

We are trapped in an endless spiral which gives us the illusion of having just enough money to have freedom and little enough to overspend and get yourself into deep deep debt. Soon before you know you are borrowing money, desperate to work harder to get that little bit more, getting further and further into trouble... Before long you have a nation packed to the rafters with people who can't afford to pay back the money they owe which the banks call bad debt. Then you get the collapse of a nations economy.... thank god no country would ever be this stupid to let this happen! Dear me, how we would panic if we ever heard the word recession. They want you to think that if the banks collapse the world would end... like Dr Malcolm says life will find a way, we will survive. I am an athmoneist... I do not believe it exists... we have based our society on three things that require faith and cannot be proved or disproved - God, Time and Money and I find the first two far more plausible than the last. For all those people who tell me religion has caused more wars than anything else... you can shut the fuck up if you think the currency you hold so dear has no blood on its notes.

But while we all believe that money is real you are left being free to do what they tell you... There are hooks marketed towards us to encourage us to spend spend spend. You need this car, this house and this mattress fit for an astronaut. Bill Hicks said it... "if you're are in Marketing... kill yourself"

Bitter? I think so!

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